BUILD THE confidence your body and mind deserves


Build body confidence, and learn effective communication skills through joyful play, dance and group therapy that draw-in a new or current partner for fun and intimacy just in time for Valentine's Day!

* no dance experience NECESSARY. all women welcome.



  • Increase Self-Awareness & Self-Confidence In All You Do

  • Heal Vulnerabilities & Self-Judgements that are Holding You Back

  • Gain Practical Tools for Connecting, Flirting & Igniting Passion In Relationships

  • Connect Mind-Body-Emotion for Centering & Inspiring Creativity in Every Day Life



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R Studio

10590 1/2 W Pico Blvd
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The Workshop runs for two Saturdays:

Feb 4th and Feb 11th, 2017


*Please use the Contact form to let us know if you cannot attend both sessions but would still like to enroll and participate. We would like to accommodate you.




$295 Full Enrollment for 2 Saturday sessions

$100 Hold Your Seat ($195 balance due by Feb 11th)


Please Note:

Payment Plans, insurance billing, and other accommodations are available! Please use the CONTACT FORM with your inquiry.



Connect... Embrace... Inspire... Express...Enjoy!


Jennifer musselman LMFT

Jennifer Musselman is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (93511) and Organizational/Executive Coach with a Masters in Psychology from Pepperdine University. Jennifer approaches her clients from a mind-body-emotion connection, and specializes in customizing personal development plans inside-out so her clients are healthy, happy and harmonious and filled with an abundance of passion, love and purpose. Jennifer's own path to authenticity began when she started living her life on purpose, pivoting midlife from a corporate entertainment executive to psychotherapist. She is a Huffington Post contributor, published authored of three self-help books for women, and an adjunct professor at USC and formerly Pepperdine University. She is also certified in Vinyasa Yoga.


vanessa carlisle MFA

Vanessa Carlisle is an award-winning burlesque dancer who brings twenty-two years of training and group performance experience to the Sensuality Workshop. She uses her background in Belly dance, Polynesian dance, pole dancing, and both neo- and old-school burlesque to coach workshop
participants toward their juiciest, most vibrant selves. Vanessa starred in the first season of Showtime's *Polyamory: Married and Dating* and now co-hosts the radio show "Sex, Please!" Wednesday nights on KPFK 90.7FM. A certified sexuality educator through Planned Parenthood, she has been teaching and writing in the field of sexuality education for ten years. Vanessa will complete her PhD in Gender Studies in the spring of 2017.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't addressed below, please send it our way using the contact form. We can't wait to hear from you! --Jennifer and Vanessa

What does "Sensuality Wellness" mean, anyway? What will I learn? Is there any nudity?

Sensuality: the enjoyment of physical pleasure. Wellness: the felt sense of health as defined by each individual for themselves. Your sensuality is specific and unique as your body. You decide for yourself if you have reached your peak levels of wellness. The Sensuality Wellness workshop does NOT include any nudity, lewd behavior, or boundary crossing. It is a therapeutic environment in which to grow your own pleasure potential and experience yourself as a more sensual being.

In the workshop, you will learn specific, practical techniques for enhancing your capacity to experience and share pleasure in your life as it already is. You will learn to attend more deeply to your own senses, move your body in new ways, and reshape your thinking to support your own sensuality. After two Saturday afternoon sessions, you will have a workbook full of writing exercises, therapeutic tools for self-care, a body-map of your own sensual self, and a full-length burlesque-style dance to perform for yourself, a partner, or...?

The Sensuality Wellness Workshop meets Feb 4th and Feb 11th, 2017 from 1-4PM. Click here to register!


My body is healthy and my sex life is fine! Can I benefit from the Sensuality Wellness Workshop?

Yes you can! The experience of confidence, joy, sensual pleasure, and relaxation in your body can always be enhanced with new tools and techniques. If you feel great today, think about how much better you can feel tomorrow, or next week, with new practices and habits designed to aid in your enjoyment! If you have suffered from depression, PTSD, trauma, addiction, or other barriers to feeling alive and joyful in your body, the Sensuality Wellness Workshop can help you get on track to deeper healing and connection with your sensual self. The combined expertise of your coaches ensures that you enter a safe and vibrant environment in which to grow, change, heal, and blossom.

Is the workshop just for women with boyfriends/husbands/partners? What if I'm single?

The Sensuality Wellness Workshop is designed to meet each client exactly where they are at in their life. Whether you are a new mother, a single woman in a demanding career, newly divorced, experiencing menopause, in a major life transition, or looking to change some daily habits and find a better "normal," we are here to support your growth. All women are welcome regardless of relationship status, sexual orientation, age, and experience. We invite you to ask us any other questions you may have using the Contact form!